Mental condition affects the game. Our services, focused on mental preparation of athletes, lead to improved performance.

We change people’s lives to help them perform at their best and maintain their joy of sport.

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We care about understanding your weaknesses and needs. In our comprehensive mental preparation approach, we focus on optimizing your quality of life, environment, and
performance expectations. We get to know you as an individual or in a team and diagnose you using specialized software. By re-diagnosing, we evaluate if we have made the necessary progress together and continue the work that has brought success.

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Individual development


If you are an athlete or

Mental preparation is one of the essential components of an athlete’s preparation for performance. Its impact on performance has been proven by studies and everyday reality. Our individual mental preparation services are suitable for athletes or coaches.

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Team development


your team

Practice and research have shown that an impetus for a well-functioning chemistry in a team is (also) a mental coach. With our guidance, the team doesn't have to reach for radical solutions such as changing the coach, the support team or part of the players.

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Clubs and associations


and developing winners

We set a clear concept in the development of mental preparation of athletes from the youngest age to professionals. We will help you develop confident, resilient and ambitious athletes. We help you to empathise with the club’s identity and values. We achieve positive change by consistently working with management, coaches, teams and individuals.

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We cooperate with
athletes and teams

We are happy to cooperate with clients who live sport. We push them to great results and we’re scoring with them.


Michal Jasenec

Hockey player
Austin Bruins NAHL

Working with Karin has helped me see things from a different perspective and not just in terms of mental preparation. I’ve learned to think differently. I can focus better on my performance, which keeps improving. What has been very important for me was that I’ve gradually learned to react in situations when things are going well, but also when things are not going as I expected. Karin helped me react and express myself properly. She taught me how to ,,sell myself,, which I think is very important, especially abroad where I work.


Patrik Bačík

Hockey player
HC Banská Bystrica

During our journey with headformers which lasted about four years, we faced several obstacles, where we worked primarily with the sports environment, but also various life decisions and overall attitude towards what life brings me. Mental preparation, in my opinion, is definitely a part of the development of an athlete’s performance, because it is not always easy to see improvement or a proper mindset ready for the training process or for a match, which should be the peak of our readiness. Every single mistake can move us forward, we just need to choose how we work with it and that’s where a mental coach is there for you.


Sebastián Kóša

Football player
FC Spartak Trnava

Thanks to working with headformers, I was able to set my head to always give 100% performance and manage things outside of sports, which is important for a young athlete. We work regularly, actively, and the results are really visible. They help me with sports matters but also outside of football, for which I am very grateful. I evaluate our cooperation positively and it is a great benefit for my career.

Named the best under-19 player this year.


Chris Duncan

Head coach
Scotland women’s national hockey team

As a former international player and now developing international coach, I have always been actively engaged in coach education and development opportunities. These courses and exposure to different environments have provided me with many excellent ideas and concepts to consider, but none of these activities have impacted me in as positive a manner as my work with headformers has over the past year. Their deep knowledge of the sporting & academic domain has meant that they had built immediate understanding of my context, and adapted theirs approach to suggest techniques which I could immediately integrate into my coaching practice. They have an ability to force you to think and reflect and in a way that I have never experienced before, and has helped unlock new ideas and clarity of thinking during our work together. My consideration not just around my coaching practice, but in my role as a leader, have changed drastically. Headformers has been pivotal in that process. The way I coach, view and approach the development of myself and my team has evolved and I have no doubt this will have a positive influence on our future success. Any coach who wishes to maximise their teams’ success or make an enormous difference to the development of their players should consider working with headformers to support their future practice. I look forward to continuing working with them in the future.


Peter Kukučka

Head coach
HC Kriens- Luzern

My experience in mental training with Karin can be described in a few words: professional approach since day 1, organized way of working, planning and execution of the agreed plan. At the beginning I didn’t believe it, but after 2 – 3 assessments I saw and found myself in the charts in many aspects. But most of all it helped me to get to know and approach the players better. The feedback I always got from players was that each workshop (which was always focused on something different) was very fun and beneficial. The players had individual consultations where they worked on things like the ability to concentrate or how to prepare for a performance. These sessions definitely helped them to improve. Before each session, Karin and I defined an area of focus and how we would try to implement it and incorporate it into the team’s mental preparation plan. Most coaches don’t like criticism, and I was no exception. I received feedback on how I was leading the team, managing my emotions or communicating instructions. I took important takeaways from this and integrated them into my further preparation. My experience with mental preparation has convinced me and I would definitely include it again as part of team preparation.

Cooperation was with Slovakia men’s national handball team.


Benefit from
our experience


How to become the second best in the world championships?

At the beginning of the cooperation we got in touch with the Coaching staff where we went through their expectations and my possibilities of what we can do before the World Championships. We set the basic things and how we would like to present ourselves at the World Championships and what the head coach expects from the team and individual players. The main goal was to make 20 players into 1 team that will work together, communicate but most importantly the players will fight for each other.

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