How Do Shared Symbols Improve Team Identity and Success? – Part 1

28. June 2024
Karin VravkováAutor článku & Member of Headformers
Part 1

Imagine your team is losing at half-time. The players are stressed, nervous and morale is fading. In the locker room, as everyone hangs their heads in exhaustion, the MVP pulls out the Spartan Warrior helmet, the symbol of your team. He raises it high, chanting your mantra “We are Sparta!” One by one, the team rises, standing shoulder to shoulder, and joins in the chanting. The atmosphere transforms, lifting spirits and reigniting the determination to win.

Such is the power of symbols, of a shared identity that brings players together as an unstoppable force, even in the face of challenges and defeat.

The scenario above is based on our cooperation with FC Sparta Brno whose name is inspired by the Spartan warriors, notorious for their discipline and determination to never give up, no matter what. But why are shared symbols like the Spartan Warrior helmet so powerful, and how do they contribute to a team’s success?

Symbols have been integral to groups and societies for thousands of years, and sports teams are no exception. They’re a tangible representation of the team’s identity and shared values and therefore foster unity and influence players and fans on a deep, subconscious level. 

In the upcoming article, we’ll explore in detail why symbols are so important for athletic teams.



How Do Shared Symbols Improve Team Identity and Success? – Part 2


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