Mental condition affects the game. Our services, focused on mental preparation of athletes, lead to improved performance.

We change people’s lives to help them perform at their best and maintain their joy of sport.

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The way
we work

We concentrate
on your progress

We care about understanding your weaknesses and needs. In our comprehensive mental preparation approach, we focus on optimizing your quality of life, environment, and
performance expectations. We get to know you as an individual or in a team and diagnose you using specialized software. By re-diagnosing, we evaluate if we have made the necessary progress together and continue the work that has brought success.

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Individual development


If you are an athlete,
coach or parent

Mental preparation is one of the essential components of an athlete’s preparation for performance. Its impact on performance has been proven by studies and everyday reality. Our individual mental preparation services are suitable for athletes or coaches. On an individual basis, we also develop parents or children.

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Team development


your team

Practice and research have shown that an impetus for a well-functioning chemistry in a team is (also) a mental coach. With our guidance, the team doesn't have to reach for radical solutions such as changing the coach, the support team or part of the players.

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Clubs and associations


and developing winners

We set a clear concept in the development of mental preparation of athletes from the youngest age to professionals. We will help you develop confident, resilient and ambitious athletes. We help you to empathise with the club’s identity and values. We achieve positive change by consistently working with management, coaches, teams and individuals.

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We cooperate with
athletes and teams

We are happy to cooperate with clients who live sport. We push them to great results and we’re scoring with them.

Benefit from
our experience


How to become the second best in the world championships?

At the beginning of the cooperation we got in touch with the Coaching staff where we went through their expectations and my possibilities of what we can do before the World Championships. We set the basic things and how we would like to present ourselves at the World Championships and what the head coach expects from the team and individual players. The main goal was to make 20 players into 1 team that will work together, communicate but most importantly the players will fight for each other.

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Headformers - Mário Ihring – Porazil som strach_mainHeadformers - Mário Ihring – Porazil som strach_main

Mário Ihring – I’ve conquered fear

He struggled with the fears and challenges that life brings – he had to find great courage to make necessary fundamental changes in his life. He set out to do the essential for himself and remade his entire life towards mental health, which has influenced his career success and satisfaction.

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